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Paintings by Joseba Eskubi

February 2020

In these last years I have worked on a gestural painting, combining techniques and processes that try to accentuate the material qualities of the image. I'm interested in organic forms in decomposition, soft and amorphous qualities that emphasize the tactile sense of vision.

I usually present a kind of stage where there is a single figure, silhouetted against the background. I don´t generally represent specific elements, trying to maintain a certain ambiguity that allows the suggestion and evocation. The pictorial gesture builds a credible figure, but at the same time it is decoded as an abstract, and purely material.

I try to suggest different readings of the forms, a narrative ambiguity that
transforms the figures like something open and unfinished. Organic and irregular masses that seem bodies, animals, fragments or remains…elements with different qualities presented as a still life. Sometimes I think that everything can be considered a as a big still life, each object has a weight that attaches to the land, falls down and disappears through a decomposition process.

Normally, I use a simple spatial composition characterized by the appearance of an imaginary motive on the line of land. The contrast between the figure and the background, between the matter and the emptiness, allows the use of different pictorial registries.

I don´t use real models, these figures come from quite intuitive and undefined pictorial gesture where I find a logical representation of the own process of painting.