The next exhibition will be published in January 2021.

Draw breath


The works of this series were developed during a residency at SoART at the Millstätter lake, Carinthia, in which I had the pleasure to spend time at this summer. It was the beginning of May 2020 and I escaped a very tense time. I experienced the time at the lake as a release from a feeling of powerlessness. In this uncertain time I decided to declare the work itself as an own contribution to change. My actions create structures, which do not escape the circumstances, but rather flatten them in their constant presence. This way circumstances do not lead to a feeling of helplessness, but to action.


During the residency works were created that deal with us, with the living and the doer. The works are both carved in wood and painted on canvas. All works were created in the central cube of the SoART Residency. The place has a peace and quiet to it that allowed me to think these works gathered here.


Anne-Clara Stahl, born in Düsseldorf, lives and works in Vienna.

Most of the works of this show can also be seen at Art Apart.

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