Interview with Kasia Ozga

June 2018

1. How did you get the idea for the project on show?

I had a lot of early aluminum sculptures that I wanted to melt down and transform into new work. I was selected for an artists residency with ACRE in rural Wisconsin ( ) and I decided to spend my time making wax positives for sculptures that were cast at a foundry in Chicago, after the residency. The idea of using maps came along following discussions with my fellow artists about mapping and the exploitation of natural resources (sand from the county where the residency takes place is used in fracking). I wanted to link a very common product with the material history and negative externalities of its' physical production.

2. What are you currently working on?

In the studio, I am working on a few soft sculptures using blackout drapery fabric and tent armatures and a series of sculptures of (enlarged) human bones from palette wood (palatine bones, scapulas, sacrum).

3. What is the best part of being an artist?

The freedom to choose what to work on and how to work! Also, the ability to collaborate with different people and institutions from all sectors of society.

4. Are there any upcoming exhibitions where we can see your work?

I am preparing a public installation for the Festival de l'Estran in Trégastel, France in September.