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Interview with Kristina Aksentova

March 2020

1. How strong is the influence of your previous work on your new work?


I don’t see any specific influence of my previous work on new works. Development of my works is quite natural process that is going and step by step. 


2. What are you currently working on?


In my works I turn more and more to the topic of memory. Childhood memories and personal experiences are fundamental markers of my visual discourse. Observations - as the foundation recreated on canvas embodied in a narrative. I practice materials that I used in childhood, based on water.


3. Do you listen to music while working?


I do, always. I need it to feel being in a right mood while working. 


4. Which artists (or other people) are you inspired by?


I really inspired by works of Peter Brougel, Helen Frankenthailer, Henri Matisse, Rosa Loy, Michael Armitage


5. What is the best part of being an artist? 


I think the best part of being an artist is to be absolutely lucky in your everyday living, creating, thinking



6. Are there any ongoing projects or upcoming exhibitions where we can see your work? 


 I am working on my final Thesis show, which will be in May, MFA program in New York Academy of Art.