March 2020:

'You have your head in the clouds again'

by Kristina Aksentova


February 2020:

Paintings by Joseba Eskubi

16 (2).jpg

January 2020:

'Fun House' by Amanda Wolf


December 2019:

'Wanna be my cherry?' by Ralf Kokke

Climbing 2019 Acrylics on wood 60 x 64 c

November 2019:

Selected works by Gitte Svendsen

Object #199.jpg

October 2019:

'Kannibl_dark_img - unheimliche Heiterkeit'

by Pia vom Ende


July 2019:

'My Biggest Small'

by Hélène Meyer


June 2019:


by Molly Rose Butt


May 2019:

'Broccoli Theatre'

by Yuchu Gao

1. Broccoli Theatre acrylic on canvas 70

April 2019:

'Fire in the jungle'

by Julien Janvier

image_123923953 newcomer-1.jpg

March 2019:

'Step aside. Repeal. Tear it down.'

by Mathias Höglund


February 2019:

'Body Diary (Lieb Leib Leid Lied)'

by Gosia Machon

1-2016 Ich bin ein Idiot Ink and or char

January 2019:

'Lucky Lines to your best friends (PS)'

by emjan

09_page07 (2).jpg

December 2018:

'Ode to Number Four'

by Lizzie Munn

Lizzie 1.jpg

October / November 2018:

'What does not occur on the tip of the tongue and outside of one's head'

by Wannes Cools

1. I shall one day have my own Kurt Pick

June 2018:

All goods have to travel // 'Mapping Aluminium' 

by Kasia Ozga

May 2018:

Just an affair of a moment // '5 February 2015 at 13…..' 

by Liesje van den Berk

April 2018:

You certainly have a particular gift for fables // 'What Could a Stone Hide?'

by Ana Brotas