Interview with Wannes Cools

October 2018

1. How important is drawing within your work?

As of last year I kind of made it into the base of my practice. I mainly tend to work on a standard A-5 format in standing form. It got to be an outlet in the same way people keep a diary. I like the idea of creating a story for yourself and if so you can decide to share some of it or everything. So in short, drawing is very important in general. 


2. What are you currently working on?

Currently I’m working on a range of projects. How they all fit together, if they even have to, is not clear for me yet. My main goal for now is to keep making work towards a not yet existing exhibition. 


3. Which artists are you inspired by? 

Thats a doozy, I think I could never reply with just a single answer. 

With that being said I do think there is a lot of influences from aged pop culture in general, abstract art, street art,… I also pull a lot of material from surroundings, color and shape wise. If I do have to name some then for the time being I would go with Sigmar Polke, MOMO, John Dwyer (Oh Sees), Henri Rousseau, Martin Handford, Vince Colletta, Juliao Sarmento, Stefan Sagmeister, Guy Vandenbranden,… That is to name a couple I guess.


4. What is the best part of being an artist? 

Again a very hard question. What I like about being a person that makes images, is that you get to create things that have not existed before you came up with them. So I will go with the cheesy freedom of creating anything you want wether or not it is art is not all that important I think. Everything is allowed if you dare. It will always be a very personal output even when you want it not to be. 


5. Are there any ongoing projects or upcoming exhibitions where we can see your work?  

The Co-Ownership is an ongoing project that people can find online thru my website or by just swinging by if you ever want to meet. Down the line I’m spending my time mostly on generating work for now that I want to exhibit next year around februari. With that being said I’m always approachable for any kind of collaboration, gladly.